World Design Event

  • Locatie: Eindhoven
  • Voor wie: Iedereen
  • Bijzonderheden:

Welcome World! This is the year we launch the World Design Event (WDE) were we invite future makers, designers and thinkers worldwide to come and shape the future together.

Why? It’s our world, it’s said. The city is the future, but what is the future of the city? This is what we research, discuss, do, find, experiment, share, theorize, mull over, have parties, conferences, summits, tours and lectures for during WDE. We create a reunion of future thinkers and doers, for ongoing research and sharing of knowledge, concepts and ideas.

Join us for our:

  • Booster Conference an international conference were visionary speakers and young talents discuss the contribution that design can make to solutions for the future.
  • Eight Creative Embassies where we promote the exchange of ideas for the transformation of the city in Food, Health, Urban Transformation, Data, Climate Action, Intimacy, Robot Love and Mobility & Energy
  • People’s Pavilion the heart of WDE, built by the people of Eindhoven using borrowed materials. It’s a venue, a forum, the voice of the community, a platform, a source of inspiration and a meeting point, all rolled into one.
  • Lab Squares test sites in Eindhoven showcasing solutions in the context of the city